Innovative Solution; Engineered with Quality Assured


Our growth from a metal fabrication company to today with our very own product. It was a journey with a lot of time, efforts and passion to make this success. In order to make our product happen, a special team has been built which focus in research and develop since 2008 before we launch into the market.


We welcome ODM or OEM services. In addition, we able to provide customization service on our product on top of design or features. These special products will technically engineered with Sundesk’s quality and customers’ requirements such as brand name. The relevant team will assist customers during the process.

Customer Support

We have skillful and experiences sales team to support you with swift response and feedback on our products. We are happy to share our knowledges and information about our products. We will also provide prompt solutions to customers for any assistance need.

Product Proposal

Our designer and sales team can provide support to propose suitable models, products and accessories for your need. Please contact our sales team for more supports.


With the advantages of owning manufacturing facilities, we are able to handle metal fabrication , sheet metal process or mould design.


In our pass experience, we fabricate components and products such as media player enclosure, automobile esu housing, server encloser,  CPU encloser, printer components, TV bracket, power station pole, display stands and etc.