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In the modern world, office no longer just a place where you work but it is also a place
where you build your career, and chase for your dream to be success. That's why your
working environment has to be comfortable so that you will be effective on your work.
Ergonomic workplace is a basis requirement for a modern working environment and
we can ensure you that the range of our products is going to full fill you needs.


This is Us

SUNDESK VENTURE begin its operation as a small scale and humble manufacturing company in MALAYSIA.
We begin our operation by producing small metal components and metal fabrication works for different industries
across the country. Our organization grown by the value of team work, innovative, honesty and passion.
We might be small in scale but our ambition is big to inspire us moving forward and hold on to
the spirit of never give up. 


New Chapter 

As we grown, our visionary leaders has drive us to a new chapter of our milestone by investing 
in advance technology machinery in order to be competitive and expand our business locally and globally.
Alongside with the expansion, our innovative design engineer with the support of our ambitious production
department has integrated a series of height adjustable desk frames such as manual hand crank,
electric single motor and many more.


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